Bonnie Thompson


Bonnie has been President of OFPA since it was formed in 2002.  She has also served as President of the Oliver Foster Parents Association.

Bonnie's family fostered for 20 years, beginning in 1992, mostly as a level 3 resource.  Bonnie has three 'bonus' kids, children who have remained as part of her family and others that continue to keep in touch.  Bonnie got into fostering to give back to their community and she feels that helping foster parents be better at what they do is a big part of that.


Melanie Filiatrault

Vice President

Melanie and her family have been fostering since 1988. She has a great deal of experience and background with children with special needs, especially those who are medically fragile. 

Melanie is a founding member of Okanagan Foster Parents Association. She has also been involved with the BCFFPA since 1995, serving in various positions on local and regional councils, and at the provincial level. In 2010 she stepped down from her position as President of the Provincial Board of BCFFPA after serving for 4 years.

rachel up close ofpa.jpg

Rachel Collins


Rachel joined the OFPA board as secretary in 2018. Rachel and her husband Robby have fostered since 2012 with a special spot in their hearts for teens. Rachel also serves on the local Kelowna board. She is excited and committed to the mission and vision of these associations so that all foster parents could help equip growing humans with the skills, abilities and opportunities to be memorable amazing loving world changing people. 


Sue MacKay


Sue has been a Foster Parent since 2000. In 2006 she joined the Kelowna Foster Parents Association and has been involved with them in a variety of Board positions.

Other than the many foster children who she considers family, Sue has a beautiful adult daughter and an adopted son. Sue is passionate about fostering and says, “Kids keep me young, and although there are sad moments and some really sad stories, the love and laughter that the kids bring into my life are the rewards


Sharon Kolenc

Member at Large

Sharon and her husband fostered in Vernon from 2008 to 2014, with the Intensive Support Program. Teen girls were their forte, and they fostered several into adulthood. Sharon and hubby have 3 grown, successful sons and 2 preschool grandchildren.

Sharon joined OFPA in 2012. It was the "pay cheques of the heart" that made fostering so rewarding for Sharon, and she is grateful to have this opportunity to continue supporting Foster Families.


Marilyn Marshall

Member at Large

Marilyn fostered high-risk youth, mostly teen girls, for 14 years. She served as Vice-president and President of the Sunshine Coast Foster Parents Association, and as a member-at-large for the Shuswap Foster Parents Association. In 2010 Marilyn retired to join her partner in the full-time care and management of their farm/ Beef Cattle operation in Salmon Arm.

Marilyn joined OFPA in 2016. She is excited by the new role and opportunity: to be able to support children and youth in care, by being part of team that is dedicated to the value of education, support and advocacy for Foster Parents.


Wendy Adams

Member at Large

Wendy, and her husband Joe, have been fostering since 2006. They have 3 grown kids, and 4 grandkids. Wendy and her husband focus mainly on infants and toddlers and enjoy working with birth families. They have had several happy experiences transitioning children to adoption, and are pleased to act as extra grandparents for several of them.

Wendy joined the OFPA Board in 2016. She also serves as treasurer for Vernon Foster Parents Association, and as a Foster Parent Support Worker.