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Formal Support

Resource Work Policies 

(March 1, 2017) includes provincial protocols in 3 areas:

Policy 8:19: Quality of Care Review
When there is a significant concern about the quality of a child's care in a family care home, which is not due to abuse, neglect or emotional harm (requiring an investigation), the concern is reviewed by a delegated worker in a timely way

Policy 8.20: Family Care Home Investigations 
Process when there is an allegation that a child in a family care home has been or is likely to be abused or neglected. 

Policy 8.21:Dispute Resolution for Caregivers
Caregivers have access to a dispute resolution process that adheres to the principles of administrative fairness


Support Workers 

If you are involved in a Protocol you are entitled and encouraged to receive support from a trained volunteer Support Worker. 

A Support Worker can:

  • discuss your situation with you by phone or in person

  • answer your questions

  • attend interviews with you and take notes and

  • give you information about the protocol process

Each Support Worker will keep your personal situation and information confidential. For more information see FAQ about Support Workers

For a complete list of Support Workers please contact your Foster Parent Coordinator or your Resource Worker. 

Note: You can ask another person to support you instead of, or in addition to, the Foster Parent Support Worker. Your Resource Worker will also give you support and information and keep you informed throughout the process.

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