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Top 10 Foster Care Podcasts!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

1. The Forgotten Podcast:

"Whether you are a part of the foster care community, passionate about serving or simply interested in learning more, we are here for you!".

2. Adoption Hacks:

"The Adoption Hacks Podcast celebrates and educates potential and current foster families. Episodes will provide tips for those starting the journey, support for parents and a look at programs for vulnerable children. Join host and adoptive mom, Kandace Lecocq as she interviews professionals and mom and dads who have been there. If you're looking for support and encouragement in your foster journey, this podcast is for you!"

3. Fostering Voices Podcast:

"A podcast devoted to the many voices in foster care and adoption. The host's personal experiences, as well as many experiences from those in the foster community. Be entertained, inspired, and possibly get involved in the community yourself."

4. Foster Movement Podcast:

"The Foster Movement Podcast, featuring former foster youth and national leaders in foster care advocacy, provides powerful insights and practical tools to help you work with others to provide More Than Enough for kids and families in foster care where you live."

5. Fostering Change:

"Comfort Cases Founder Rob Scheer and media personality Dana McKay hosts this inspiring show about how communities can come together to bring dignity and hope to children in the foster care system. Guests will include former youth in foster care, foster parents, celebrities touched by the foster care system, child welfare advocates, and everyday people working to improve the lives of kids in care. Rob and Dana have dynamic chemistry and bring a sense of positivity and humor to their conversations."

6. What The Foster?: "Welcome to What The Foster?, a podcast dedicated to giving a voice to the often voiceless population of foster children in the United States. This season we're focusing on the often unheard and invisible population of current and former youth in foster care.

7. The Adopting and Fostering Home Podcast:

"Welcome to the Adopting and Fostering Home podcast. Whether your family has been on this journey for years, or you're just getting started, The Adopting and Fostering Home here to support and encourage you along the way."

8. A Fostered Life Podcast:

"Welcome to A Fostered Life, the show in which we explore the various facets of foster care through the voices of the many people who participate in the system. Host Christy Tennant Krispin interviews former foster youth, social workers, foster parents, therapists, and others, and these conversations provide personal glimpses at the challenges and triumphs of families whose lives intersect with foster care."

9. Lauren Roberts Counseling Intern:

"Interviews and statistics on how to improve foster care and encourage a better life for youths transitioning out of foster care."

10. Foster Child In CANADA:

"Memories of Shelley who was in foster care system for first 17 years and a add on to 21 years or marriage. Whichever came first. To being a mom and daycare teacher to a nurse to being retired. Bits and pieces of my life, from deceit, rape, liars, thieves ,manipulator to a traveler, independent, single senior in Canada with a grown daughter."


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