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Surviving Caregiving in the Ministry

October 26th, 10:30am - 12pm

This is open for our [South Okanagan] foster parents, and in acknowledgement of Foster Parent Appreciation month, we wanted to offer something extra special. I’m attaching Steve’s biography here for you, and letting you all know how very excited I was that he was willing to donate his time to all of us. He will be giving strategies for all of us for going beyond just surviving, but to thriving. And he is cognizant that many of you have been “stretched” by the Ministry to take on more than the norm, and the pandemic has also affected many. He has numerous resources to share, and will be happy to have questions and interactions throughout also. Steve has been a wonderful resource to me, and I know he will provide some valuable information and resources to all of you. Please join us!

Here’s his bio: Stephen (Steve) King has a B.Sc. in Health and Human Services and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. He has worked in stockbroking, as a private investigator, in hospitality management, as a Justice of the Peace and, since 1989, at an addictions resource centre in British Columbia. He is the author of four books on Energy Psychology, P.T.S.D., Existentialism and Authenticity entitled, 'Rapid Recovery: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing' 'PTSD: Cleaning and Clearing Shock & Trauma' 'The Book of Existential Questions' and '12 Steps to Authenticity'. He is also a sports commentator and is an inductee in the B.C. Athletics Hall of Fame.

If any of you are wanting a test run to make sure your computer or phone or tablet will function with this, please let me know and we can do that! If you haven’t been on a Skype meeting with us yet, please download by pressing on the link below “try skype web app”. If you have regular skype, it does not work. You’ll have to download this free app below. Then on the day of the workshop, just press “join skype meeting”.

Hope to see you all on October 26th!


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