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Support Worker Training

Updated: May 17, 2022

March 2nd & 3rd on Zoom - 9am-11am. Delivered by OFPA

This training is recommended for ALL caregivers with no obligation to make yourself available as a support worker in the future.

Support Workers are volunteer Foster Parents who have been specially trained to assist other Foster Caregivers with:

  • Quality of Care Review

  • Family Care Home Investigations

  • Dispute Resolution for Caregivers

Support Workers also help Foster Parents find answers to many questions. This informal assistance can often bring a quick and simple resolution to a situation before it requires a more formal approach.

Again, the skills and information included in this training are relevant to ALL homes regardless of your availability to act as a support worker in the future.

Contact your coordinator to register

Note: If you’ve taken this training in the past, you are only required to attend the second session on Thursday, March 3.

FP Support Workers Practice Guideline 2021 10
Download PDF • 298KB

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