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*New* Chuck Geddes course!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

(This course is now full)

Giving and Receiving Healing

Foster parents and other caregivers give from the bottom of their hearts. Often this isn’t enough. Complex trauma changes a child’s brain and nervous system, and thus all development. These kids don’t respond well to typical parenting. How do we create an environment of nurturing experiences for these children to heal? Can we move beyond “managing” the challenging emotions and behaviours to “see” and respond to the underlying needs? YES!

What you will learn in this course:

* Why is Complex Trauma Important?

* What Our Children are Carrying?

* Body & Stress

* Managing Emotions and Stress

* Attachment and Relationships

* Identity Development

* Reframing Difficult Behaviours

* Caregiver Wellness

When: Jan. 7th – Feb. 25th

Time commitment: 1.5 hours per week, for 8 weeks

This is an online course with pre-recorded lessons and accompanying materials/handouts. It is designed to be done online, and foster parents go through the course individually at their own pace and receive a certificate of completion at the end. Foster parents will join a mid-course group discussion via Zoom, as well as after the final lesson on February 25th.

Participants are encouraged to complete one 1.5h lesson each week so that everyone is completing the course at the same pace. This schedule helps foster parents be prepared for the two Zoom discussions. Instructions about how to join the course will be sent out later in December.

To register please contact the OFPA Coordinator in your area:

Shuswap: Heather Lessard, or 250-515-1522

North Okanagan: Alana MacKinnon, or 250-558-0939

Central Okanagan: Cyndee Sapiano, or 250-870-8991

South Okanagan: Leann Pitman Manuel, or 250-462-6907

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