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Emergency Planning

Why do we need an Emergency plan?

A family emergency plan will help you and your family know what to do in case of an

emergency. Remember to review it whenever new children join your family.

What is in my plan?

· Safe exits if you need to leave the home

· Meeting place to reunite with family

· Contact persons close-by and out-of-town

· Location of your fire extinguisher, water valve, electrical box, gas valve and floor drain

· Place for your pet to stay

What’s different for Foster Families?

Foster Parents must:

· create a plan and walk the child through it regularly

· update the plan and kits regularly, especially when a new child joins your family

· notify the After Hours' Emergency line 1-800-663-9122 of your location if you have been evacuated.

· make sure the children in care know that they can always call the Children’s Helpline (310-1234) if they need help.

· review the Emergency Information for Foster Parents document. It can be found at the link below or on our website at

What is a Comfort Kit?

MCFD recommends a comfort kit be prepared for each child in care. It should include items that are familiar and that will provide comfort.

· Pictures of the child’s birth family

· Books, crayons, scissors, glue

· Puzzles, board games, hand-held computer games with extra batteries

· Prescription medicine, medical instructions pertaining to the child

What’s in a basic emergency kit?

Food, water and clothes plus:

· flashlight and batteries, battery–powered or wind–up radio

· first aid kit, blankets, change of clothes

· special needs items – prescription medications, infant formula or equipment for people with disabilities

· extra keys – for your car and house

· cash – include smaller bills, such as $10 bills

· important papers in a waterproof container

What if we have to evacuate?

Foster Parents are expected to obey evacuation orders. Authorities will not ask you to

leave your home unless they have reason to believe you are in danger.

What should I take?

· your emergency kit and plan

· important phone numbers, including MCFD office numbers, MCFD Afterhours and Foster Parent Support Line

· essential medications and copies of prescriptions

· a cellular phone (if you have one) and don’t forget…your pets!

How do I protect my home?

· Shut off water and electricity if officials tell you to.

· Leave natural gas service on, unless officials tell you to turn it off. (If you turn off the gas, the gas company has to reconnect it and it could take weeks for a professional to respond.)

· Lock your home.

Be sure to

· register at the evacuation office as instructed

· call MCFD. Tell them where you are going to be

· leave a note telling others when you left and where you are going

Where can I get more information?

· MCFD pamphlet called Emergency Information for Foster Parents. Ask your resource worker

· Most of this information is from which has lots of information including an emergency plan.

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