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Collaborative Partnerships Webinar

Updated: May 16, 2022

The webinar was developed in partnership with MCFD’s Child Welfare Policy Team, as part of the implementation of the recent changes to Children and Youth in Care and Resource Work Policies. The webinar will be facilitated by BCFPA Board members and staff and MCFD Practice and Policy staff.

The goal of the webinar sessions is to provide foster caregivers and front-line staff with a better understanding of the additions made to the Children and Youth in Care and Resource Work Policies, help strengthen the critically important relationship between foster caregivers and ministry/DAA staff, help to better understand each others’ roles and most importantly, improve the outcomes for children and youth in care through collaborative practice, information sharing and modelling problem-solving skills.

The webinar will help to develop skills in collaborative relationship building, communication and problem-solving. We encourage you to attend one of the webinar sessions being offered on the following dates:

Registration for each webinar is not required and a recorded session will be available on the BCFPA YouTube channel and iConnect (for MCFD staff) at a later date. For questions, please call 1-800-663-9999 or email

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