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Celebrate Youth in Care Week!

Youth in Care Week was started by two former youth in care, who understood why youth deserve to be celebrated.

Youth in Care Goal:

Our goal is to raise social awareness and shift negative perceptions; to recognize children and youth in care, like all young people, as individuals with talents, contributions, and dreams. We are a collective partnership of youth, service providers and allies working to challenge the stigma faced by children and youth in care by celebrating and honouring their awesomeness. We hope all British Columbians will join the celebration and gain the knowledge and tools to acknowledge and support our incredible young people in care every other week of the year, too.”

As there will be no in-person celebrations because of COVID-19, please see the links below for ideas to celebrate children and youth in care:

Celebration ideas:

Activity: Making play-dough & incorporating the Medicine Wheel:

Some inspiration and dance moves!

Some people can’t contain their support of Youth in Care in BC!

How to Stand with Youth in Care

Follow the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks on Facebook:

A link for Youth in Care, & a link to the Youth in Care magazine: Power Pages



Lastly, some motivation from/for children and youth




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