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Be Strong Coloring Book for Kids

This book was written especially for kids that have faced unique challenges in their lives. At Complex Trauma Resources, we believe that with protective and specific trauma-focused interventions, kids can in fact heal and thrive.

All too often, kids that have endured complex trauma, believe that they ‘cannot’. They cannot share, they cannot be open, they cannot be loved, they cannot ask for help. It is not only our belief, but also our experience after working with hundreds of children across British Columbia, that with loving and supportive caregivers and intertwining our 7 developmental domains that they CAN! They can be loved, they can overcome, and they can be brave. Not only that, but they need us to keep telling them just how awesome they are.

May this book remind them of this truth everyday!

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BE-STRONG-4-10 Colouring Book
Download PDF • 2.57MB

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